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Photos & Videos

This section of the website contains various collections of photos and the occasional video from school activities and events.

General Photos

This album contains a selection of pictures of the school and its grounds. [View Album]

2017/2018 Academic Year

Residential Trip

Years 3 & 4 were accompanied by Mrs Phillips, Mrs Gilson and parent helper Mr Phelps to Black Rock Outdoors Centre for a 2 night stay for their residential at the start of the Summer term. On the first day the children took part in activities on the high rope, the second day they enjoyed Kayaking, Archery and Waterballs. The final day was spent caving and climbing at Burrington Combe. [View Album]

Church Time Capsule

Owl Class visited the church to hand over a time capsule to the church architect. The whole school had prepared the time capsule and its contents. It was placed under the eaves in the new Nave roof, the restoration of which is part of a project financed by grants applied for by Friends of Leigh Church (FOLC). Thanks to Mark Adler for the photos. [View Album]

Lee Dredge Fire Safety Talk

Lee, from the local fire station, visited to talk to the children about fire safety in their homes and discussed fire prevention with them and what action they should take in the event of a fire. Lee also bought along a First Response Vehicle and much to their delight chose some of the children to sit inside and sound the siren! [View Album]

World Book Day

World Book Day was celebrated slightly later this year as school was closed on the original date due to snow. The children dressed as a character from their favourite book and brought the book along to show the other children and to talk to them about the story during carpet time. [View Album]

FOLS Mini Egg Challenge

An amazing £246.60 was raised by the children who were each given a tube of mini eggs by FOLS before the Spring half term break and asked to fill the tube with 20 pence pieces which they earned by doing jobs around the house and for their families. [View Album]

Vaughan Grey Quarry Safety Talk

Vaughan Grey from Halecombe Quarry came into talk to the children about the local quarry and safety issues regarding it. [View Album]


Andy Hawking, who had worked with the children during the Autumn Term with a music making app which he was developing called Numbiano, brought his band Rocktopus into school for an assembly where they wrote a song with the children which the band then performed. [View Album]

Pete the Poet

Pete the Poet visited Leigh on Mendip First School and spent the day working with the children writing poems and singing songs themed around Spring and how the change in seasons made them feel. They thought about the new life that emerges and how that might sound using various instruments. [View Album]

Owl Class Nativity Play

Owl Class performed their Nativity to a packed Memorial Hall in December. The children had all worked very hard to learn their lines and the words to the songs. Well done to everyone involved! [View Album]

Christmas Meal

Both Leigh on Mendip First School and Owl Babies children and staff enjoyed a Christmas Lunch which was very kindly funded by FOLS. [View Album]

Writhlington School Sports & Music Workshop

The whole school visited Writhlington School for two mornings in November to partake of a Sports’ and Music Workshop. The music was performed by musicians from Bath Mozart Festival and they introduced instruments from the string and woodwind sections of the orchestra. [View Album]

India Day

The children in Eagle Class spent a day learning about different aspects of Indian culture. They learned about Hindu Gods and Goddesses, looked at Indian artefacts and practiced some yoga. [View Album]


In keeping with Leigh on Mendip First School tradition, all manner of ghosts and ghouls arrived at school on October 31st. The children had also enjoyed a disco before the half term break organised by FOLS to raise funds for the school. [View Album]

Andy Hawking – Numbiano

Andy Hawking came to school for a series of sessions in the second half of the Autumn Term to introduce his Numbiano app to the children. The app, which Andy has designed and developed enables children to play music using an ipad. The children performed the songs which they had been working on to parents in December. [View Album]

Woodland Education Session – Asham Woods

Both Eagle Class and Owl Class spent half a day at Asham Woods for a Woodland Education Session run by Somerset Wildlife Trust. The children took part in activities such as den-building, woodland crafts, wildlife spotting, campfire cooking, songs and stories. [View Album]

Taste The Harvest

Eagle Class were invited to take part in a Taste the Harvest morning at Green Farm, Downhead along with children from other local schools. During the visit the children learned all about how crops are grown and harvested and the foods which are made from them. The children got a chance to cook dampers on the fire and learned about wildlife on the farm. [View Album]

Ukelele Lesson

Throughout the Autumn Term Eagle Class have been having weekly ukulele lessons with Chris Large from Somerset Music Service. The ukuleles were a gift to the school from a local charity and the children have enjoyed learning to play the instrument. Chris will continue to teach the children in the Spring Term and we hope to have a performance for the children to showcase what they have learned to their parents. [View Album]

Pete The Poet

Pete The Poet visited the school for the day and worked with the children to write poems, sing songs themed around relationships and looking after each other. [View Album]

2016/2017 Academic Year


A visit from Zoolab was funded by FOLS and enable the children to see and handle creatures such as domestic rats, a corn snake, an Australian Green Tree Frog, a Giant African Millipede and a Giant African Land Snail. [View Album]

Sports Day

Our Sports Day was once again organised by Simone Benhayon and her fantastic team at The Lighthouse and was again blessed with amazing weather. This year’s extra special event was Laser Tag which was thoroughly enjoyed by children and parents alike! The Yellow Team were the overall winners of the day – well done and a big thank you to everyone at The Lighthouse for another enjoyable Sports Day. [View Album]

Bristol Field Trip

A day out to Bristol Harbour dressed as pirates was enjoyed by Owl Class. The children took part in a workshop to learn about life on board a merchant ship and then set sail on The Matthew travelling up and down the harbour. [View Album]

Leavers Trip

This year’s Leavers Trip was to Splashdown in Poole. The children had a great couple of hours on the slides in the water park and then had a picnic in the harbour area. We wish all our Year 4’s the very best for the future. [View Album]

Mad May Hair

Children and staff came to school with crazy hair styles to raise funds for the school at our Mad May Hair event. [View Album]

Maypole Dancing

Children from Eagle Class entertained the onlookers with their Maypole Dancing at a very sunny Leigh on Mendip Village Fete. A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all and funds for the school were raised by FOLS who ran the refreshments stall in the tea tent. [View Album]

Hauser & Wirth

The school regularly visits the Hauser & Wirth Gallery at Bruton but on this occasion pupils joined sculptor Dorcas Casey for an interactive tour of the exhibition ‘Elisabeth Frink. Transformation’. This was followed by a practical workshop introducing some of the methods that Frink used, such as learning how to sculpt onto an armature using plaster. [View Album]

New Barn Field Centre

New Barn Field Centre in Dorchester was the destination for this year’s residential where the children took part in activities such as learning how to march like a Roman Solider, shelter building and pottery. [View Album]

Singing Workshop

The children were joined by Carolyn Radcliff who ran a singing workshop with the children for a morning during the last week of term. [View Album]

Egg Hatching

We have successfully hatched all 6 eggs in our incubator much to the excitement of the children and adults alike! [View Album] [View Video]

The Saxon King

The Spring Term saw the Eagle Class Production of ‘The Saxon King’ being performed over 2 days in the Memorial Hall. The singing, acting, costumes and props were fantastic and the hard work the children had put in certainly shone through in both of the very enjoyable performances. [View Album]

Stonesoup Storytelling

David from Stonesoup entertained the children from both Eagle and Owl Class towards the end of the spring term. Not only did he tell fantastic stories, he sang and worked alongside the children to help them build their own stories. [View Album]

Safer Internet Day

Eagle Class joined other local First Schools at St Louis School in Frome for a Safer Internet Day Radio Project run by Futurform. The show was broadcast ‘live’ providing an opportunity for parents and pupils to send in votes, emails and text messages. [View Album]

Pete The Poet

Pete the Poet spent a day with the children telling stories and writing poems. They also enjoyed some drumming and singing together as part of his visit. A big thank you to FOLS for funding Pete’s visit. [View Album]

Last Week of Autumn Term

The last week of term was all about Christmas; the Nativity play was performed by Owl Class to a packed audience in the Memorial Hall, Christmas lunch was served and was very kindly funded by FOLS. The last day of term saw a visit from Father Christmas himself and luckily all the children were on the good list and received an early present from Santa. [View Album]

Forest School

Eagle Class spent the morning at our Forest School site where they used sticks and string tied together to hang in the trees for spiders to spin webs between. The children also enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate around the fire before they set off across the field back to school in time for lunch. [View Album]

Roman Baths

As part of their topic about the Romans, Eagle Class visited the Roman Baths during the Autumn Term. As well as taking a tour around the famous baths, the children learned about many aspects of Roman life including bathing, mosaics and the togas and tunics which the Romans wore. [View Album]

Paper Chain Making at Sunflower Club

Children made paper chains at our after school Sunflower Club to get in the mood for Christmas. It would appear that The Langsford Girls are top of the paper chain making charts! [View Album]

Halloween Mufti

In true Leigh on Mendip First School style, the last day of the first half term was a Halloween Mufti followed by a Disco in the evening organised by FOLS to raise money to add a little magic to the children’s education. [View Album]

Diwali Workshop

The children returned after half term to learn about the Hindu Festival of Lights – Diwali. The children learnt Indian dancing and painted some Diya holders in which to light tea light candles. [View Album]

Forest School Visit

Eagle Class made the most of the dry, albeit, chilly Autumn, to visit our Forest School site. The children outlined paths using sticks, tended to the Bug Hotel and when they were not running around, kept warm by the fire. [View Album]

Pete the Poet

Pete the Poet visited again in the Autumn Term and spent the day with the children discussing equality and friendships. The children made poems and plays around the topic. Pete’s visit was very kindly funded by FOLS. [View Album]