Leigh-on-Mendip First School

FOLS Mini Egg Challenge – 26th February 2018
An amazing £246.60 was raised by the children who were each given a tube of mini eggs by FOLS before the Spring half term break. The children were asked to fill the tube with 20 pence pieces which they earned by doing jobs around the house and for their families. They then decorated the tubes in a fairy tale theme and brought them back in to be judged in a competition. Some very artistic entries were judged by the school’s Chair of Governors and the winners awarded an Easter egg.
2018-02-26 FOLS Mini Egg Challenge_0001_800.jpg
2018-02-26 FOLS Mini Egg Challenge_0002_800.jpg
2018-02-26 FOLS Mini Egg Challenge_0003_800.jpg
2018-02-26 FOLS Mini Egg Challenge_0004_800.jpg