Leigh-on-Mendip First School

Ukulele Lessons
Throughout the Autumn Term Eagle Class have been having weekly ukulele lessons with Chris Large from Somerset Music Service. The ukuleles were a gift to the school from a local charity and the children have enjoyed learning to play the instrument. Chris will continue to teach the children in the Spring Term and we hope to have a performance for the children to showcase what they have learned to their parents.
2017-09-00 Ukelele Lesson_0001_800.jpg
2017-09-00 Ukelele Lesson_0002_800.jpg
2017-09-00 Ukelele Lesson_0003_800.jpg
2017-09-00 Ukelele Lesson_0004_800.jpg
2017-09-00 Ukelele Lesson_0005_800.jpg