Leigh-on-Mendip First School

Egg Hatching
We have successfully hatched all 6 eggs in our incubator much to the excitement of the children and adults alike! The chicks have also been joined by an abandoned duckling which was rescued by one of the children in Eagle from their pond at home. Here is a time lapsed video taken of the incubator over 12 hours whilst the chicks were hatching but watch this space for more photos of children and chicks soon. A big thank you to FOLS for funding the equipment to enable us to do this.
2017-04-18 Chicks_0001_800.jpg
2017-04-18 Chicks_0002_800.jpg
2017-04-18 Chicks_0003_800.jpg
2017-04-18 Chicks_0004_800.jpg